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This blog is focused on information design, the creation of infographics for visual understanding of complex processes, data and ideas.

Getting into the head of Gustav Klimt

The conceptual illustration of brains has become kind of a quirky side business for me. I’ve constructed brains with Lego bricks and Lite Brite pegs, and created a DNA brain tree. And now in the style of Gustav Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I – this one to submit as cover art for a scientific journal (the paper was on mosaic mutation patterns in the brain).

It’s true that you get to know a piece of art (and an artist) much more intimately when you try to recreate it yourself than you would by just studying it. Perhaps even more so when you try to capture the essence of a style and apply it to a new subject.

Klimt brain by Threestory Studio

The gold background and black and white checkered stripe are Klimt’s (the joys of public domain), but the rest is my creation.

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